The Stink Bug Project

What is the Stink Bug Project?

The Stink Bug Project supports families, living in the Rocky Mountain region*, who have a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. We provide well-trained, loving companion dogs from the Prison-Trained K-9 Program at Colorado Correctional Industries. Dogs have been shown to lower stress for patients and caregivers and we think that finding the perfect best friend during this stressful time will make a huge difference. We also find ways to help siblings, who tend to get lost in the shuffle during this difficult time. 

The Stink Bug Project is a program of:            



“My name is Allison, and this is my dog Coco.

Coco is my best friend. I didn't get her until after my chemo treatments were over, but I know she would have been a great friend to me when I was sick. Kids in the hospital can get lonely. I know, since I am a cancer survivor.

Right before my last chemo treatment, I drew a picture of a stink bug to help me say ‘bye bye’ to the yucky stuff. I started the Stink Bug Project because I wanted kids with cancer and other bad illnesses to have a dog, a best friend, to help them feel better and get them through the yucky stuff.”

Crazy Idea?

Families diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions go through a lot. We know it might sound crazy to introduce a dog into a household during treatment, but studies show that dogs lower stress for patients and caregivers. Finding the perfect best friend during this stressful time will make a huge difference for the entire family.

*RMCHF supports patients and families living in the Rocky Mountain region. Please contact the program manager or call 303-839-6784 to determine if you qualify.

Why a Stink Bug?

Allison drew this stink bug
when she was almost done with chemo.
Bye Bye Stink Bug became her rallying cry
to just get the yucky stuff over with.